The Secluded Culture

A story of hidden Civilization and their way of living

Chapter-3> The Scidia Days

‘Ckayod’ the food of nature, indeed! Having finished our natural dinner dish, we decided to sit in the balcony. A fresh odor of rain was nourishing our senses. Very light invigorating breeze was manufacturing a temporary calmness in this world. Some night species of birds were tweeting. And above all these things, I had the company of someone whose presence was amplifying this extravagance.

“Do you remember our arrival in Scidia? Wasn’t that a similar night?” Rache started conversation. I agreed in reply to her. We have spoken of our Scidia visit so many times yet we always feel that sense of excitement whenever any of its’ instance is talked. Tonight was another such night. Rache’s initial statement was just a beginning of whole night long nostalgic conversation.


We reached Myan Airport at 11:17 PM. Myan, one of the oldest and in current time one of many modern cities of Scidia. Its Airport was one such gesture, a fusion of city’s archaic culture and its adaptation to modernization. We were welcomed warmly by our host Shial Somors outside the Airport. We communicated with him about our visit and requested for his and his team’s service during our time in Myan.

Shial made all the arrangements before we reached Myan. As soon as we stepped out of the Airport premise, a taxi was waiting for us. You can see real Myan only soon as you come out of that ultra-modern Airport area. In fact in all over the Scidia, you can relate this fact more or less about their structure of civilization. There was a substantial gap between two classes of its population. Some really poor people living their whole life in misery right in front of people who have more than what they really require. I have always wanted to come Scidia for this very reason. I wanted to study, observe what kind of steps are being taken to lose this thick line between two classes of their citizens.

Having mentioned about those ultra-modern facilities of Myan, there are still hundreds of secluded villages in remote parts of this rapidly developing city. We were officially there for that reason. It was a part of our final note submissions to our Ph.D. topic- The Secluded Civilizations of The World.

We reached our guest house somewhere around midnight. After a long air travel, we only had that night to get ourselves recharged. Next day we leave for our real expedition, slightly off road ride as we had been told by Shial on our way to guest house so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. We were extremely excited about this journey since the very beginning. From next day onwards, we were going to spend next 20 days in the very remote parts of the Myan forests.

Next morning, we got ourselves ready for the ride. We were accompanied by Shial’s local team- Sehnil, Harsek and Nirsal who were familiar with the routes of Myan forests and were going to guide us in some of the very remote parts of them. Myan forests are said to be the most restrained territories of our planet from the humans. With the kind of rain it conceives every year, the forest cover is very dense. Very rich in its flora and fauna. But because of its uncanny ground altitudes and natural obstacles in the path, very less part of it has been traversed by the outsiders. Yet it is said that there are some obsolete civilizations living inside these Myan forests since thousands of years and they have never been connected with our world by anyone till this day. Very true!

Our first stop was at Eastern side of Myan forests. We could take our Jeep only till the point jungle pathway have been carved out. After that point, we had to peregrinate. When we approached Shial from Trans and inquired about our interests in Myan, he provided us some information about some of the coteries living in the Myan forests. That list had 10 rows, as we have planned 2 days for each. It read as below,

1. Teegamurea

2. Sambant

3. Chambatre

4. Omansita

5. Ghans

6. Turneso

7. Kojira

8. Djanstola

9. Simaluran

10. Pitrole

The first four tribes are found in the eastern Myan forests. Next three in South-Western and last three in South-Eastern side. The north sector of Myan forest was already turned into a city with tall buildings. However on opposite, the southern part of it has never been explored completely yet by any human. Unimaginable forest density, some extremely low altitudes and rumored stories of giant creatures & ghostly tales hold accountability for the seclusion of this part. Also the southern Myan share boundary with ‘mad sea’ from three sides which is other geographical reason for its seclusion. Nobody travels or even seek to be anywhere near to ‘mad sea’ as it holds very high uncertainty factor with its tides and inhuman weather.

We heard a lot about this part from Shial and from the very beginning. I personally was pretty excited to go in & peregrinate this part as well in our journey. But Shial made it very clear that it has even higher degree than impossibility to be in southern Myan. Nevertheless, we have been assured that we would get enough from the list to get good feeds on our paper. We eventually had to agree.

On that first day, our first destination was the tribe called as ‘Teegamurea’. The name is inherited from the Valley area of Myan forest which is called ‘Teegamura’ where they reside. They are the closest to our more evolved civilizations. Though in order to cover this close gap, we had to peregrinate for about 4 hours in Myan forests.

Finally we reached there. The tribe of Teegamurea…

Chapter-4> The Teegamurea Coterie

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“She is the one!…. Is she?”

The stars of every new moon night tell me,
You see her face in our shine;
Thus I tell myself ‘she is the one!’ But
The shine not seeing my thrive, which
Makes me think ‘Is She?’

The Sun of every morning tells me,
You see her face in my light;
Thus I tell myself ‘She is the one!’ But
The light not seeing my fright, which
Makes me think ‘Is She?’

The songs of the birds tell me,
You find her words in our lyrics;
Thus I tell myself ‘she is the one!’ But
The lyric is only half complete, which
Makes me think ‘Is she?’

The invigorating breeze of fresh monsoon tells me,
You feel her presence in my expression;
Thus I tell myself ‘she is the one!’ But
My assertion always end abrupt, which
Makes me think ‘Is she?’

Her presence, even a thought of belonging
Turns very casual moment in pure ecstasy;
Thus I tell myself ‘she is the one!’ But
Then why do I keep thinking again & again
‘Is she?’

Is it the reciprocation I seek here from her? Or
I have compromised my un-conditionality?
Is it her ignorance, moving me away gingerly? Or
I have created a false propagation from the very beginning.

A tiny reception would convince me
That ‘She is the one!’ Though
The producer must not miss the Eureka,
After which I stop asking myself ‘Is she?’

Chapter-2> Me and Rache (cont.)

‘Ckayod’ has always been enjoyed by me but today it became ecstatic following the company I had with me. Sometimes I wonder how can Rache decline me, how can she chose not to respond to the kind of love I am expressing towards her? How? It’s hard to understand for me as I am not in her position. Even difficult to understand it as a male.

Women have always been a great mystery. Many people try to decipher but not many can infer a logic out of it. In anyways it’s futile to find logic in any human instance though the female case is special mention here.

Even men prefer this phenomena in a relationship when they are forced to act as if they are in some competition. In most cases, they fall in love with a women because she’s new. Unexplored territory. Physically, Psychologically, mentally, the way she says ‘hi’, the way she abuses you, the way she talks with you, the way she ignores you. You like everything just because it’s peculiar for you. You attract towards it because you have never indulge yourself in such thing before. You start approaching her. Till the time you are counting all the probabilities and reacting normal, even she would show reciprocations to your every act. But as soon as you start showing your interest in her, she starts to run away. Now it becomes one labyrinthine game. The more she runs, the more enchanting she becomes. If she simply says, ‘I am ready’ half of the enthusiasm will be dead that very moment. In fact, then you will start to run away. It’s fun as long as chasing is on.

Meanwhile, following this practice men literally become a conquerer. He forgets that love he once had for his partner. He becomes possessive, he wants to hold her within his boundaries. He starts considering her as his property. Eventually he loses the excitement he once had for this very person. But now as he got her and the chase is off, the territory is explored, he will feel attracted towards other unexplored territories. The real love, one divine unconditional love was neither produced nor acknowledged by either of them.

As a male, I can always concur (partially) what men feel like, can only anticipate the female side. Though to summarize my experience and feelings, I can say

“The man always starts a relationship with physical constraint as a priority whereas woman always starts a relationship with emotional constraint as a priority.”

However for the ultimate rendezvous, neither is ideal – just like every other thing of this world. The secret to success is, how the man is responding to emotional and how the woman is responding to physical constraint. The evolution begins when they both rise up from their respective constraints.


Chapter-2> Me and Rache (cont.)

She started collecting essential items from the kitchen to make Pilinsan food dish. We usually avoid eating Fruits after evening rather eat fresh raw vegetables. Fruits are generally for early morning dishes. I still couldn’t fathom the fact that Rache only came by to hang out without any attentive work. She was busy in the preparation yet she was able to take hint from my skeptical face over a mere glance. “You still cannot digest I came by without anything important to discuss, right?” She asked me in a betrayed tone. “No! No! It’s just that we never had this sort of unscheduled meetings in the past, thus.” I exclaimed. “Actually you are right. I came here for something important.” I told myself, here she comes. I knew it. She continued “I wanted to prepare this dish and I knew only you in the town could have the required supplements for it.” For this dish? She always surprises me with these kind of reasons. Sometimes I just cannot conceive these reasons. Something else could be the reason she came by. May be she wanted to spend some time with me. May be she wanted to confess something to me. May be she wanted to tell me the thing I have been waiting for. All may be, without any surety tag on them. I told her when I confessed my feelings that I would never ask her or repeat myself about what she feels about me. Call it my male ego, my introvert nature, my lack of guts or my optimism about deserving even better partner than her.

The last one is reserved only for consolation. I know in this thing, no such thing is like better or good when you feel it for someone. You make it good, better or the best by your efforts. Still I have to keep myself motivated in order to save it from collapsing over her denial. The probability of ending up with even better partner keeps me running. I have always followed this phenomenon in my life of staying at the middle of everything. When you choose to stay in middle, you have both the options intake when it comes to circumstantial change. You can go either side, both are at equal distance. And by applying this to my life’s crucial decisions, I have always find it helpful. I have never found myself broken over something I couldn’t do nor have I found myself jubilant when something great happens to me. I like to remain constant. I choose to remain constant in both situations. However, with Rache I made an exception. Honestly I was made to exempt this. I never realized when did I cross that half way mark and reached further on her side. Still I haven’t reached to the very end but I have certainly crossed my ideal half way mark in this case. So if I would need to turn back to someone else other than her, it shall be a difficult itinerary. But at the same time I see a positive side that hopefully I will be required to cover the remaining distance towards her, I shall also feel the never felt before jubilance.

“Are you going to help me or just stand there and wait for the dinner?” She asked me mockingly. I nodded with smile and started helping her with the dish. Pilinsan people had this very interesting custom when one special week in every month, the Pilinsan men would prepare food and do other home duties for their women partners. Usually men indulge themselves in daily activities like finding food, helping their young ones understand the surroundings, travel to far places in search of new experiences etc. During that week every month, women are allowed to redeem themselves to new experiences. They travel, they sing, they learn new things. They call this one week ‘mulierum septimana’ means ‘women’s week’.

We started assembling raw vegetables together. The dish we were making called ‘Ckayod’ which has following ingredients. Burdock Roots, Celery, Basil Seeds, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cucumber, Daikon, Dandelion Leaf, Dandelion Roots, Kale, Collards, Ginger Root and Turmeric Powder for topping. Basically it’s one super mixture of green vegetables hence we can call it a salad. Though when you eat this salad, you don’t need any main course. Very high in protein and detox. Additionally you don’t peal or piss any of them. You can cut but the original architecture of the plant need not to change. ‘Ckayod’ the food of nature, as they put it.

To be continued…

Chapter-2> Me and Rache

It’s quarter past 7 in the evening. With the taste of coffee reaching deep into my intestines through the memories of tongue, I was planning what to cook for the dinner. The rain has slowed down, finally! It would be just like another evening for me until I heard some footsteps approaching the gate. Having said, I am not really a good host when it comes to visitors and thus I rarely have them around. Unless of course, Rache Morris. Rather I should say, Dr Rache Morris. Ph.D. in Culture & Anthropology. My current work colleague and batch mate from the college as well. She is one of the very few people in my life I connect well.

The figure approached my home’s main door. My speculation was right. It was indeed Rache. I really feel something special when I see her every time. This day is no different. I was strongly happy to see her yet at the same time a bit surprised too. What is she doing here at this time? Even more important question or should I say my care for her asked, why would she take a risk of going out in such ungodly weather?

I greeted her with all love along with some surprise too and asked “You can’t just hold yourself back when it rains, do you?” She replied gracefully as always, “Of course not! Raindrops give me a feeling of absolute.” I love the way she explains everything. She continued, “You know how much I like to enjoy the monsoons. The fresh smell of wet soil. The soul soothing breeze. The taste of fresh rain water when you see upwards with mouth open wide, trying really hard to see the rain but eyes struggling to remain open.” I have heard these zillion times yet it feels like first time whenever she does that. The mere presence of her sparks chill in my body. It doesn’t matter what she speaks or what she does around. I enjoy each moment even if she is talking to somebody else with her full attention, nothing for me. She came in. I offered her a fresh towel to dry herself. Knowing her likes, I also offered her a share from my coffee. She too is member of coffee addicted people. She acknowledged “A hot coffee after some mad time in rain! Perfect.” I nodded and smiled in agreement. “So, any specific reason to this surprise visit?” I asked with a tone of sincerity. “Can’t I come without it, just to hang out with you?” She replied with her distinguished playfulness. “Of course you can.” (Who else if not you) I said.

Rache Morris, I first met her at the college cafeteria. 29th January, 2011. We have been introduced by a mutual friend in college. It was a pizza party. I remember correctly. To be honest I won’t say she was the most beautiful girl I ever met. She was just like another average female friend to me at that time. We met couple of times after that. Casual meetings with some hi and hello. Until the day when I was travelling to participate in one of the college’s anthropology tour to Central Province of the country. All of a sudden I felt like talking to her. Immediately I called her even though it was quite late in the night. We talked for nearly 45 minutes. Nothing special in the conversation yet it was something really special inside me. As soon as I hung up on that call, it struck me that she is someone special. A seed was planted on that night. But I was, actually I am too proud to accept it. I have always fantasized someone better looking than her for me. In that prejudice, I can’t accept her completely even though I know how I feel about her. Never wished to nurture that seed intentionally. Even tried to repress it sometimes. It keeps on fluctuating, the feeling. When I grow love for her, nothing in the world matters to me than her. However, this feeling is not constant. I lose it over the moment once in a while which is actually preventing me from indulging into her full 100%.

After that night’s call till today, my feelings for Rache only grew. I had to accept it sooner or later. Which I did eventually only few days back. After nearly 4 years of knowing her, more than 3 years since that special call, I confessed it to her. I surely did not propose her. I won’t because I am still not sure about it. But I had to tell her this so that at least she becomes aware of this side. In reply as I have expected, she doesn’t feel anything like that for me. She made it pretty clear. Even she claims not to have this sort of feeling for anyone at present which I don’t believe. I could say from whatever little I know her that she has something for someone. I really expected her to tell me that but she didn’t. Anyways, I really don’t care these sort of things. What I really want is to cherish whatever little time I get to spend with her. It’s my nature not to impose myself to anyone thus I don’t approach her often to hangout even though honestly I would surely want to spend as much time with her as I could. I won’t say this to her directly, I know that. If she is going to reciprocate my feelings ever, I should wait. Else move on. Ask nothing in return. That is me! Very weird but that is what I am.

“What do we have for dinner?” Rache asked with a raised voice. Perhaps second time since I did not respond to it first time. Too lost in trance thinking about her. I collected myself back and replied with a smile “What would you like to have?” She insisted in excitement while running towards kitchen “Let’s make some Pilinsan Food.” I followed her in the kitchen. Pilinsan Food is made of raw vegetables and fruits. Simple, Light, Clean and very high source of energy. We again lost in the past when we first time tasted it in Pilinsa.


To Be Continued…

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Chapter-1> The Pilinsan Way (cont.)

Inside, the warmth of the home. Wooden architecture is soothing in this kind of weather. It gives me that feeling when I was living in middle of the forest in similarly made up tree-house. I cleaned myself, changed wet clothes. I was preparing myself for a cup of coffee, only addiction of mine remained since I had given up on alcohol. It was one of the many things, Pilinsans’ taught me in their own style, without actually telling me but making me realize about it.


It’s still pretty clear in my mind. That day when Chhan, an esteemed old saint of Pilinsa made me realize why Alcohol must be abrogated. He was taking me to a place they refer as ‘the wisdom hill’ that day. On our way, he asked me to make myself ready for deep breathing. He wanted me to practice it till the time we reach our destination. He told me one simple word “deeepppp”, with a gesture of breathing.


Pilinsan people do not talk much. Usually with my work experience I have been in many remote villages. They all had their languages, their cultures with some very strident rituals and all but in Pilinsa, they only had their nature for everything. And in this everything, due to some reasons I have noticed that they put a lot of emphasis on breathing. “Everything in Breathing” they say with their identical gesture, Eyes closed, right hand tilted at 45 degree outwards and slowly going up along with boundlessly long inhale.


Chhan did similar gesture on that day. Hence, I started extending my breathing cycle. Though my breathing cycles were ephemeral if I compare them with any other Pilinsans’. I tried extending it as long as I can with every new cycle until we reached our destination, the wisdom hill. From the far, it looked just like another small mountain peak. However, when we reached at the bottom of the hill I noticed that the brae of the hill was sharp and scree. It wasn’t a big climb but surely a difficult one. In addition, Chhan asked me to get rid of my leather shoes. I was shocked and wanted to deny. But these Pilinsan people have very strong yet very calm energy of intimidation. I couldn’t utter a word in resistance. In any case, even Chhan did not have any cover on his feet. Although it’s pointless to compare a Pilinsan, born and raised in leap of nature with someone born in modern hospital and raised in modern city with every convenience facility available around.


I removed my shoes as per commanded and started following Chhan over the wisdom hill. The road was made full of small shining stones. It was early morning time and the Sun was just rising from the east. Still the sunlight was reflecting from the pathway as if these stones had absorbed it from yesterday’s Sun. I sat my feet on the path and it felt like an ice. A thrilling chill spread throughout my nervous system from below to above. Initially I thought it’s going to be one hell of a climb judging from the curves of stones and other filling materials of the path. But it was a pleasant experience which I had never felt before. Some anonymous energy was soothing my soul from inside. Truly a divine experience which made me even more excited about reaching to the summit of the hill. I was just wondering and speculating how wonderful it would be on the pinnacle if it’s this magnificent on the path! Other than the path, I was bound to notice that the hill was very rich with regards to its flora and fauna. Life was blossoming everywhere around it.


We climbed for about 2-3 hours which I did not expect as the hill was not that big. Suddenly Chhan stopped around a giant tree and signaled me to sit. I thought this isn’t a peak and in anyways I am not tired. I want to continue. Though as I mentioned, these Pilinsan people can make you do what they want to without even uttering a word, only with everlasting broad smile. Hence, I sat under the tree as I was said. Chhan too sat before me. He asked me to breathe as deep as I can. I nodded and implied myself to that. One after another, with every breathing cycle I noticed I was able to extend it more. After some time I was feeling nothing. Even I wasn’t breathing I guess. I don’t know what exactly was happening but whatever was, I was feeling extremely good. It was like I was flowing in the air.


The Wisdom Hill

Brahn with Chhan at The Wisdom Hill

I was enjoying this surreal experience and all of a sudden a human light figure came upon me. I was shell shocked to see something like that. I recovered from that shock to notice that it was me before me, in a light form. It was a combination of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green colors in patches. I also noticed that the tree I was sitting under looked a golden one now. I never saw anything this pure golden in my life. Also the surroundings around me as well were painted. Some were in Green and some were in Light Yellow with white patches. Too many colors all around me. Though the one which was catching my attention the most was the light figure of mine. It was flowing in the air and was looking like a receptive figure. It had some dark brown, black and red patches which were disappearing with the incoming golden colors from outside. I was feeling better and better with every moment. Along with this colorful events happening around, I was also hearing a voice from the white light emerging from the light figure which was telling me to abandon consuming alcohol. I was surprise to see the light figure can talk also. Although I was too happy noticing other stuffs happening around only to ignore that as of now. I just wanted this color events to go in infinite loop but slowly everything started disappearing. One after another was going blank again. Soon it was all over and I could feel my breath now. I concurred with myself that at least I am alive. But along with that, I was also confused about what just happened. Was that a dream? Was that some kind of trick played by Chhan? What was it? Whatever it was, I wanted to remain in that. I opened my eyes to see Chhan standing in front of me. Always with a big smile. I too smiled in return. He signed on the road suggesting that we should leave now.

On our way back, I noticed the stones in the pathway were now radiating like LED lights. I was so confused and lost that I could not process what was happening around me and if it was even for real! Only thing I wanted to do then was to ask Chhan about all these.

I wanted to ask him lots of questions about what I just experienced but I don’t know why I asked him,

“When we would reach the peak?” Chhan replied, “There no peak. Only path.”

I was surprised to notice that we actually did not climb. It looked like we were climbing but actually the hill was small enough covered with trees to make you feel lost in the surroundings. The area was all gulch and gorge, hard to distinguish the hills and ravines from far side. I absorbed this surprise quickly only in order to focus on more important questions I had. Also the answer Chhan gave had dipper meaning than what it looked. I could only realize that meaning when I was leaving Pilinsa.


Then I wanted to ask Chhan about that experience but instead I asked,

“Is alcohol bad?” again I don’t know why I asked that. It’s as if Chhan wanted me to ask things he wanted to answer in order. Chhan replied, “You know answer.”

Did I know the answer? I guess, yes. Something did make me realize that those big black patches in my light figure were because of Alcohol. Only if I wanted to accept it. I rather decided to move on with my next question.

“What was that experience?” Chhan replied, “It was you. Lost you.”


We were back on our way to village and I was still processing those two answers from Chhan. I only noticed it then that it was nearly sunset time which meant I was in that divine state for whole day. Thus it only struck me then the reason behind the glowing pathway. The stones indeed were absorbing sunlight. I really wanted to ask Chhan more questions but I couldn’t. Perhaps, Chhan did not want to take them and thus not allowing me to put it in his own silent way.


After that day up till now, I have never consumed Alcohol. Things are much clear now. I eventually got to know that the light figure was my Astral Body depicting my energy levels in colors. That was the power of that place and some real divine powerful energy of that giant tree I was sitting under because of which I could experience that spiritual voyage.


The coffee is ready and its’ smell brought me back from my nostalgic memories of Pilinsa and Chhan.


Chapter-2> Me and Rache

Coming Soon…

Chapter-1> The Pilinsan Way


The Pilinsan Way


It has been raining heavily since last couple of weeks. Everything is mess in all of the city. City’s immaculate drainage too yielded against this nature’s fury. Usually clean and excessively broad roads of ‘Trans’ resembling large swimming pools of Trans City Sports Academy. Citizens are facing food shortage, communication-electricity is down, government is trying their best to provide support yet it’s insufficient under this circumstances.


It’s half past 3 in the afternoon yet it seems like early morning. No sign of usually scorching Sun in this period of year. Unseasonal black clouds scattered in whole sky barely visible from the thick blade of rain pouring from it. I am sitting in the balcony of my mid-size quarter which has more garden space around it than overall construction. Quite contrary to other residences of the city. Most of the people prefer large bungalows nowadays with all the modern facilities in it. I am a bit conservative on that account. My home is pretty simple accompanied only with things I need to live. I live alone and rarely have visitors come along to enjoy a glass of beer like others. However, Rache, my work colleague and good friend does visit this weird place sometimes. We like each other’s company and that feeling of nostalgia about our past trips in some very remote places of the world.


However today in this weather I am least expecting her to come. It’s not that I don’t like to be with her but today I just want to savor this wet breeze hitting my face with every stroke of wind. Eyes closed, arms wide open, feeling every single drop of rain gently touching my face as if consciously trying not to hurt my face. The smell of water, going deep down inside my lungs with every breathe I inhale. The fast wind touching my body cells like a mother wakes up her child from bed. I am feeling like they are lifting me up all together. They want me to go with them somewhere above.


All of a sudden a harsh voice broke my surreal journey. I opened my eyes to notice it was my neighbor calling me. I did not hear it properly what she said as I was still under the halo effect of my journey. Then she repeated again raising her voice even louder, “This rain is ruining your carpet, you better shut your door.” My mind was still processing her statement when she appended it. “This is hell. How come these much of rain in middle of summer? It was already burning at 46 degree in the beginning of the month, to make it worst the rain came. It’s like nature has lost its’ mind. Isn’t it?”

By finishing her sentence with Question mark, I guess she was expecting a reply from me. I would have love to tell her that it’s not nature but we humans have lost our mind. In last decade, the amount of environmental crisis we have created are the result of this kind of unsettlements from nature. Carbon dioxide levels are at all-time high and increasing exponentially. Deforestation, Pollution, Population growth etc. are only making it worst. I really wanted to tell her that it’s because of her refrigerator, car, air-conditioner it’s raining these much in middle of summer.


Though I resisted myself. I usually prefer not to talk anything with anyone unless and until it’s required. Instead I closed the door behind me and sat on the bench to again indulge myself into this rainy surroundings, this time with eyes open. Just looking at something is not as much fun as you can if you really feel it from inside. I was again lost in my journey with nature. This time giving me the state of blank in mind. I was thinking nothing yet I was aware of everything. I could even hear the sound of rain drop falling ahead.


I wanted to stay in it as long as possible. Though something was causing trouble and I was losing my focus from that. Slowly-slowly I completely lost it and was back again with my physical consciousness. Then only I realized what was causing me that trouble. I noticed my clock and it was 6 in the evening. I was feeling cold now since I lost that state of nothing. I told myself, of course I am feeling cold. I have been getting wet into this rain for nearly 3 hours now. I went inside.


To be continued…


The manifestation of human consciousness in nature.

The manifestation of human consciousness in nature.

-It’s a story of a village sequestered from the fast life of urban cities. Brahn Kelling and Rache Morris are cultural anthropologists who are on their expedition in Scidia to know more about the rumored undisclosed cultures and their civilizations. On one very accidental day, they got lost in forests of Myans along with local guides Sehnil, Harsel, Nirsak and Shial. While looking for way out of there they accidentally find themselves in the arcane village ‘Pilinsa’.


‘Pilinsa’ where the nature thrives and is an integral part of humans. Plants, watersheds, mountains, valleys, wilderness all are lived within the human life. Pilinsans actually are themselves nature in true sense.


-Brahn Kelling writes the story of their time in ‘Pilinsa’ and how divine a life can be, without any fuss if lived in Pilinsan way. It’s a story which highlights the lost culture and throw some light over the cons of human evolution.